New Year’s Eve is getting closer every day. Now, it is time to set up a plan to have a wonderful finish and start with the right foot. In this post we will share with you two amazing ideas to celebrate a funny, original and very Mexican night with your family and friends.


Christmas, one of the most awaited celebrations in Mexico and around the World. Mexicans regard it as a: “time to love, celebrate, reunite with their families, enjoy delicious diners and have a traditional toast”.


“I do!” One of the most wonderful memories anyone can achieve in the traditional Magical Town of Tequila, a wedding destiny for worldwide couples.


Tequila, a Magical Town in Jalisco which never stops surprising it´s visitors. Mundo Cuervo® is always showing a brand of new selection of attractions that will make you come back! So, for making this year different, and according to the Mundo Cuervo®’s sprit; we invite you to it´s 15th anniversary and enjoy 4 charming experiences in Tequila, Jalisco.


October is simply perfect for sowing fields with corn, thanks to Tequila’s valley fertility. As being among the main producers of corn in Mexico, Jalisco understand the great importance of growing it.


Not many people realize that Tequila Volcano once contained a pre-Hispanic civilization, whose rituals and tradition were barely discovered in recent years. Yet, its name hasn’t be found, thus anthropologists and archeologists who have been holding research since the 70’s, named it as Teuchitlan Tradition.