Jalisco is one of the most amazing places in the world. Minutes before landing you can get impressed by a delicate balance of nature, history, culture and development. Looking through the plane window the immense Lake Chapala or the white-crested waves of the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Vallarta is simply a magical experience, you can’t live anywhere else.


Have you ever had goosebumps when listening to a Mariachi, smelling the early blossomed flowers or seeing the most impressive landscapes? If not, you should visit el Pueblo Magico de Tequila immediately.


Few countries can boast of having such a wide cultural diversity like Mexico. Traveling across it is therefore a similar experience to traveling across countries. As each region has significant differences in the way of living traditions and customs...


Imagine a world of beauty, culture and tradition. A world where luxurious tourism is aimed at promoting and defending the regional cultural heritage and diversity. More than 530 hotel owners, and restaurateurs are committed to offering a fine hospitality experience.


Guadajara is a city known for the Tequila, the music, the culture, the colonial town squares, emblematic sites and its wide rage of gastronomy. Specifically, in Tequila, Jalisco seasonal fruits such as plum and mango...


One of the most representative dancing in Mexico who happens at great height, is known as “Voladores de Papantla” (Dance of the Flyers). All you have to do is look up and behold the amazing performance of music and movements in the air, four courageous dancers along with one at the head who is standing at the highest point dancing to the sound of flute and drums.

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